Hello, my name is Ryan Dudek.

I once had convinced a boss of mine that my middle name was Effin. At first he thought I said Elvin, but I told him I was AWESOME and not an ELF (no offense to elves or elf lovers). That is a true story. I am a front end web developer, which is to say, I make the internets (at least this is how I explain it to my mom).

This is me:

All of the thumbs are UP

And this is also me:

Photo of Ryan not riding bikes well

And I clean up nicely:



I am a Front End Engineer (aka Vice President of Keeping it Awesome) at Intuitive Company in Philadelphia, PA. Outside of work, I am a very active person and I drink way too much coffee (also known as never drinking enough coffee). You can find me riding and racing bicycles, hiking, camping, making fun of myself, and (shittily) photoshopping pictures of my friends/family/coworkers. I like video games, but I never have enough time to play them. I'm not great at social networking, but you can read my tweets about bike racing or look at my pictures of mostly bike races and coffee if you're into that.

So long, and thanks for all the fish, Ryan

Mission Accomplished